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Versatile and Quick Table Management Software#MetaPos

The customisable views in MetaPOS table management software enable you to run your restaurant smoothly and simply.

Table Management Is Now Simple For You

Are potential customers knocking on your door, adding their names to the waitlist, and then failing to show up, costing you business?

  • Stop losing customers as a result of incorrect wait times.
  • You can put your laminated sheets and markers away thanks to the table management system from MetaPOS.
  • On your mobile, make a personalized floor plan.
  • Once you have an exact table status and know which server will receive the following table, you can effectively manage your front of house operations.
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    Improve Your Business Strategy with Individualized Reports

    You may create insights about your reservations, customer feedback, and cancellations using the variety of customisable reports included with your cafe POS Melbourne system.

  • Use your report to pinpoint growth gaps and prospects.
  • Based on live reporting and system data, make wise judgments about the status of your services in real time.
  • Parties might be seated at a table right away or from your waitlist.
  • To keep staff content, pre-configure server areas and evenly distribute visitors.
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    Increase Table Turns

    To let the front of house personnel know when a table is ready, utilize the custom table-status indicator and table timer.

  • To improve the customer experience, give patrons accurate wait times and text them when they are ready to be seated.
  • Now is the moment to update the outdated first-come, first-served policy.
  • Give your clients the option to make reservations online, giving them the choice to select the table and time that work best for them.
  • Easy-to-use interface- Utilize your iPad or tablet to run your POS and serve clients anywhere in the world.
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    Digital Platform for Quick & Better Table Management

    To control the various parts of your restaurant and multi-seated dinners, use our online restaurant floor plan tool.

  • By paying attention to your floor layout, you can guarantee that your personnel will deliver the greatest service possible.
  • Your customers will have a memorable experience.
  • Increase table rotation and revenue with MetaPOS table management system.
  • Better management of tables is taking place with our Cafe POS system.
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    Control the Guest and Cover Flow quickly

    With straightforward cafe POS software that keeps each shift on schedule and organized, you can seat customers more quickly and utilize more of your floor.

  • Always operate a more effective eatery
  • Automate routine tasks
  • Once installed, MetaPOS’s Table Management Software keeps your business running smoothly in the background.
  • Keep track of preferences and dining history so you can quickly access it for exceptional, on-demand guest experiences.
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