Organize Your Café to Serve Your Clients Efficiently

Kitchens of cafes are quite challenging. Whether it is about managing inventories, handing orders and delivery, or buying what customers demand, a lot of efforts go into keeping the café kitchen updated. This can be streamlined with MetaPOS Point of Sale Cafe POS.

  • Manage Inventories : Although the menu of a café is generally small, it can quickly have items go out of the stock. Keep a track of ingredients shortage with our café inventory system.
  • Set Menus: Creating, updating, and editing multiple menus is a hectic job always. Our Cafe POS System Australia helps you handle periodic and seasonal menus without errors.
  • Take Orders With the Waiter App : Serve your customers quickly without any obstacles with the waiter app synchronized with the café POS system. This also lets you take, note, and edit every order precisely offline and online.
  • Control and Optimize Delivery : Make clients happy with timely and proper home delivery management. It also lets you monitor your home delivery orders without any hassles.
  • Send Orders Instantly to Kitchen : Taking client’s orders, customizing them, or editing them is simpler than earlier with the assistance of order tickets created in the Café POS system.
  • Easy Billing : Our Cafe and Restaurant POS system separates the bill amounts from the tip automatically, and give them to the related servers to avoid any kind of mess.
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    A Complete Café POS System

    Meet the next gen of secure, versatile Melbourne POS System from MetaPOS. Run online ordering, delivery, and curb pickup efficiently. Expand your available menu options through virtual brands and cloud kitchens. Connect your kitchen, front of house, and back-office work with the safest Café POS System Melbourne. Whether you are looking to grow, become more efficient, or adapt to the latest industry trends, our POS system is fast to use and all set to work exceptionally for you. .

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    Why Use MetaPOS Café POS?

    With a lot of features, MetaPOS is more than a POS only for cafes. Our comprehensive and powerful POS system offers you all you need to make your café business run smoothly and efficiently.

  • User-Friendly : MetaPOS café POS is quick to master and simple to use. It significantly decreases the time of training for you and your staff. You will get started within minutes.
  • Cloud-Based: All the information and data is stored in the cloud securely, making it easily accessible from anywhere. View your reports, sales, accounts, etc by. Using the latest cloud technology.
  • Multi-Layered Security : Created with multi-layered security protocols and bank-grade encryption, MetaPOS café POS was designed to store and hold sensitive data securely.
  • Reduced Integration : MetaPOS Café POS includes everything required to run a café business, removing the requirement for third-party integrations and reducing overall technical complications and costs.
  • Accepting Payments : Now you can take payments in a range of ways. We work with all the leading merchant providers letting you to accept debit and credit cards easily, along with all new contactless methods.
  • Centralized Support : Since there is reduced requirement for third-party integrations, it results in a convenient and single point of support. Our committed team is available to answer all your call always.
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    The Best POS solution For Cafes and Coffee Shops

    Whether you have a local café or a worldwide coffee shop chain, MetaPOS café POS solution is the best café management software for your business. It offers you the freedom needed to create your perfect café POS system. You can count on it for 24/7/365 available global support.

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