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Streamline the Workflow of Your Quick Service Restaurant

With a quick service restaurant, service speed matters the most for running your business efficiently. You should keep up with a restaaurant’s fast-speed environment and meet your customers’ requirements as soon as possible. MetaPOS helps you with all this. It comes packed with the necessary features your quick service restaurant business requires to work efficiently. From front to back-house, you can manage every facet of the business with MetaPOS, customized for your business needs. Moreover, this POS system for Quick Service Restaurant can serve more clients in less time.

MetaPOS is a POS System for Quick Service Restaurant that lets you handle order, production, waste, accounts, and bills – all under a single roof. Offer your clients an excellent experience with MetaPOS – the Web, android, and iPad POS. Carry your restaurant business reports inside your pocket and access them from anywhere and at any time. MetaPOS helps you streamline many Front-House Operations and other things like:

  • Increase Check Size: Now, you can add more value in your restaurant for the customers by offering add-ons and letting them upsell prompts to increase the check size of your restaurant.
  • Enhancing Staff Productivity: With clients ordering their favorite dishes themselves using self-service kiosks, free your staff to get more essential things done.
  • Decrease Wait times: You don’t need to go back and forth in the restaurant between guests and cashier. Our Quick Service Restaurant POS Software lets you decrease the wait time by streamlining different vital processes in the restaurant business.
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    Benefits of Using MetaPOS

  • Quick Tablet Billing : Cut back long queues by adding additional billing counters using a quick tablet billing app.
  • Recipe Management: Have consistency in your restaurant’s signature taste across every outlet you have by using this Recipe management system.
  • Manage Online Orders : Now process Zomato and Swiggy order from the POS directly. Change menus, offers, and prices as you want.
  • Manage Combos: Create profitable combo packs and sell slow moving items in combos to maximize profits.
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    Benefits of Using MetaPOS

  • Delight Customers : Give exclusive discounts and offers to your clients and reward them with some loyalty points to get repeat purchases.
  • Waste and Inventory Management : Keep a track of the inventory and decrease waste with MetaPOS QSR POS System Melbourne.
  • Kitchen Display System : It immediately shows the orders taken from billing counters to the kitchen.
  • Multi Payment Option: Improve the payment experience of your customers by offer multi-payment options such as coupons, cards, UPI payments, and passes.
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    Complete Control of Restaurant Business Chain With Our Quick Service Restaurant POS

  • Maintain your prices and menus across all the outlets
  • Auditing made simpler with integrated accounts section
  • Maintain your taste consistency across every outlet
  • Compare Business Performance and receive real-time analytics
  • Plan your stock and purchases based on your best sellers with our centralized inventory management
  • Manage the central Kitchen to manage products outwards to the branch outlets.
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    Maximize On Your Quick Service Restaurant Immediately!

    Leverage the various practical features of our MetaPOS platform for a quick-service restaurant and speed up the growth of your business to a higher level. MetaPOS has all the tools that you need to handle your restaurant business easily and efficiently. You can introduce any service or feature in your business with this POS solution. Another great thing about this POS solution is that it is built on open and secure platforms. This makes it simple for you to connect the POS with your chosen online ordering platform, delivery service, reservation apps, and payment gateways.

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