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MetaPOS Fine-Dine Restaurant POS Solution comes with a range of smart fine-dine restaurant management features that are customized especially for fine-dine restaurants. Begin on the best note with online table reservation. Use a handheld Kitchen display and POS system to offer a smooth and quick guest experience. Manage inventory and billing. Connect clients data to SMS campaigns and loyalty programs. Everything can be done on a single platform.

  • Works On All Hardware: MetaPOS can work on Android tables, Windows, Android handheld devices, and Web Browsers
  • Android POS: Created for Android Tablets. Feature-rich and simple to use interface. Cloud-based, works offline and online
  • Handheld POS: Works efficiently on Android mobiles. Simple to use interface. Based on cloud, works both offline and online
  • Web POS: It works on all kinds of hardware. Works online. You just need to open the browser to begin using it
  • Touch and Desktops : Power-packed, elegant, and simple to use interface. Cloud based and feature rich, works offline and online
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    Benefits Of MetaPOS Fine-Dine Restaurant Solution

  • Lightweight: You don’t need to make multiple trips to the customers tables. Takes orders as made by the customers and keep up with your energy.
  • Cloud-Based Intelligence: Quick order management with cloud POS which can back up data and operate offline as well.
  • End-To-End: Directly fire tickets to the restaurant’s kitchen and in real time. Sit back and see the orders fly.
  • Everything Done With a Few Clicks: Less windows and clean design makes navigation simple. Embedded video guides let the staff train themselves.
  • Anti-theft: Get ready to save 4-5% of your yearly turnover with a comprehensive anti-theft POS.
  • Everything Under One System : Orders management, order taking, Kitchen management, and billing – MetaPOS - the Fine-Dine Point Of Sale sokution can do it all.
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    MetaPOS- An All-In-One Point of Sale System for Fine-Dining Restaurants

    MetaPOS is created smartly for Multi-cuisine Restaurants, Fine-dine Restaurants, quick services, full services, cafes, and bars. It has the following features:

  • Item Modifiers: It helps you edit or modify a current dish on the menu as per the customer’s choice. If the client needs customizable options, like add-ons, toppings, or extra spice, it can be easily modified. Modifiers applied on the dishes will be displayed on the digital receipt.
  • Open Tickets: It will take a flash to get the order in the kitchen with station printers or KOT display. Customers can pay once the order is complete. This will make the job of your staff simpler and the needless interruption of the kitchen staff can be avoided.
  • Multiple Locations: MetaPOS is designed for users having different locations. It makes it simple for you to expand your locations and manage all your operations efficiently. Moreover, MetaPOS offers you the ability to shift items between locations, take a track of every location from a single place, and manage centralized purchases.
  • Loyalty And Discounts: There are many ways to personalize rewards and keep your clients coming back. You can apply discounts to specific items or the receipt. With MetaPOS, you can add loyalty programs. It is simple to use and flexible. New clients can be added automatically in the program.
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    Fire Up The Back and Front of Your Restaurant!

    MetaPOS offers a complete range of services for your restaurant. This fine dine restaurant pos Melbourne software will garnish every technical aspect in your restaurant. You don’t need to handle any of its aspect manually. Instead, MetaPOS, the Fine-Dine Restaurant Management Software will manage and maintain each aspect of your restaurant business spontaneously!

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