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Forget Conventional Menu Management

With our Pizzeria POS Solutions, you can quickly bulk update the menu to reflect in your recent changes, upgrades, and new items

  • Driver Management : No more thinking about “where is my food?” With our tool for driver management, you get comprehensive views of the whole delivery force. Driver’s check-in, live ordering tracking, and Google Maps Integration.
  • Larger Order, Repeat clients : Increase your client engagement and loyalty with a smooth and flexible platform that lets you create customized offers based on neighbourhood, region, and similar demographics.
  • Become More Successful : Our Pizza Point Of Sale Melbourne system offers you an individual dashboard with quick, real-time data which lets you better elucidate the success of your pizza store with your prospective franchisees. Real numbers, real-time data, and real handshakes.
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    Additional Features of Our Pizza POS Software

  • Smart Promos : Regardless of how big an order is, MetaPOS Pizza management system’s technology offers you the finest deals automatically for your clients. Just enter the meals or items chosen by the client on the POS and you will find the best deals available for that particular order.
  • Every Order at One Place : Orders from different delivery platforms and orders that come from your online ordering system, come in one smart terminal and dispatched precisely to the kitchen at the right time.
  • Half N Half Pizzas: Managing pizza orders with diverse modifiers, toppings, and more was never easier than now with our special “Split Product” feature, letting your clients to modify the pizza topping into halves.
  • Substitution and Default Options : Products that are a part of any product by default are preselected, with an option to remove any topping or item available. The removed product can be easily replace with any other item or topping, without influencing the price
  • Sales Report : Our Pizza Point Of Sale software offers you complete insight about the pizzeria whenever and wherever you are. Track the sales by category, product, staff, and more.
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    Features of Our Pizza POS Software

  • Order Status : Find real-time outline of each order status, be it in the kitchen, already delivered, or on the way!
  • Smart Communication : Our automated POS software keeps your clients in the loop always. Delivery or collection, clients automatically get updates about their orders in real-time
  • Customer Loyalty : Know your clients. Track what they purchase, send them promotions, and let them come again for more with integrated Noble Loyalty.
  • Smart Label Prints : Create address automatically for pizza box with every related order detail, so that clients know which pizza has to be delivered. It is one of those little things that actually count.
  • Enterprise Reporting : Our POS enterprise reporting is ideal for single and multiple pizzerias. Use our filters to know what is happening across every store location, at any time. Identify and address all the areas of concerns and find opportunities for growth.
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    Empowering Multi-Location And Single Pizzerias

    We, ourselves, love pizzas. Therefore, we created a solution that can make it simple to scale and grow your pizzeria. We are trusted by many multi-location and single-location pizzerias. They started their survey for better software, better products, and better POS. That was when they contacted us. There was certainly a reason why they did not called anyone else. MetaPOS is an outstanding no-brainer for pizzerias looking to boost their business and trying to free their revenues from those commission-fuelled apps. With our Pizza POS system, we believe in empowering local businesses with sustainable, proper, and affordable tools that can yield the right results.

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