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Cloud Kitchen POS System

Cloud kitchen software supports the backend operations of cloud kitchens, also known as ghost kitchens or dark kitchens. This software aggregates food orders from many sources – telephone, online, and mobile, and third-party ordering services – to optimize food delivery and preparation. Cloud kitchens or dark kitchens count on these software to decrease the time spent inorganizing the incoming orders, enhance the workflow taken to complete and deliver orders, and handle inventory. Best cloud kitchen management software collects real-time information and lets restaurateurs to evaluate the trend over time, letting them correct order preparation delay, adjust menu offering, and customize marketing efforts accordingly. If you want to avail all these benefits, you have come to the right place. MetaPOS offers the Best POS for cloud kitchen in Melbourne. Use it to optimize the food costs and enhance overall kitchen operations.

Run your hotel or restaurant online with MetaPOS Cloud Kitchen Management System Melbourne. Online ordering, POS, and third-party orders automation are ideal for running a cloud kitchen business successfully. Our cloud kitchen management system help in both a single kitchen and a multi-brand kitchen. Now you can handle all third-party order, manage inventory, deliver orders faster, and build your brand efficiently with our software.

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All-In-One Cloud Kitchen POS System

Handle your multi-brand or solo cloud kitchen business with MetaPOS, the best POS for cloud kitchen in Melbourne. It is a unified commerce solution that can handle multi-band kitchens with a single POS setup and can be expanded to multiple kitchens.

  • Online Ordering System : Our cloud kitchen POS comes with online ordering platforms for no-commission orders. MetaPOS helps control all online orders with customized offers and discounts. Our cloud kitchen inventories management system decreases your third-party dependency with a solid online presence. The software comes with customizable Menu Options, Feedback System, and Integrated tracks in Real-Time.
  • Integrated With Delivery Aggregators : The best cloud kitchen POS handles orders from different channels using a single POS software. MetaPOS cloud kitchen software is integrated with many delivery partners like Swiggy, Zomato, Uber Eats, Dunzo, Deliveroo, Hunger Station, and more. This helps integrates multiple outlets with one dashboard. Our software also helps create a solo brand, multi-brand cloud kitchens, and single kitchen setup.
  • Inventory Management : Automate the inventory management of your cloud kitchen. Keep a track on the food costs while also managing the vendors for your satellite and base kitchens. Draw insightful report and track movements of products between brands and kitchens. Get automatic alerts when your stock level is low so that you don’t run out of raw materials ever.
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  • Cloud Telephony Solution : Taking phone orders can open up new ways for your clients to order from Cloud Kitchens. Every call is recorded to keep a check of your customer service. You can also get helpful insights using simplified reporting.
  • Kitchen Display System : Keep the orders inflow to your kitchen organized with the Kitchen Display System. Decrease your orders processing time by gaining efficiency in your kitchen. Don’t keep a order waiting again for delivery.
  • Loyalty Programs : Build loyalty systematically to a cloud kitchen brand. Turn a one-time order into your loyal, regular client with a loyalty program. Make your clients order more frequently.
  • Customer Relationship Management : Get repeated business to the Cloud Kitchen using a connected CRM tool that segments clients automatically based on their history of ordering. Draw clients to your cloud kitchen with loyalty points and offers. Your repeat orders will definitely grow.
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