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A POS That Connects Everyone In Your Entire Cafe #MetaPos

Using a single, central system, manage your billing, inventory, online orders, payments, and KOTs. Having a full picture of your customers can help you make wiser judgments.

Organize your Kitchen to Better Serve Customers

Cafe management is difficult as a lot goes into maintaining your kitchen, which may be streamlined with our cafe POS Melbourne system for coffee shops.

  • Whether it's managing inventories, buying what customers want, or managing orders and delivery.
  • Multiple menu creation, editing, and updating is a time-consuming process.
  • Our cafe POS software enables you to effortlessly and error-free manage periodic and seasonal menus.
  • With the help of the MetaPOS cafe inventory management system, you can see which ingredients are running low.
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    An ordering app for wait staff

    With a cafe order-taking app integrated with our cafe POS, you can serve clients quickly and without any hindrances.

  • You can accurately take orders online or off.
  • Easily Manage Inventories.
  • Although the café menu is limited, it quickly runs out of items.
  • To minimize the mess, our cafe POS system automatically separates the bill amount from the tip and assigns them to the appropriate servers.
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    Send orders to the Kitchen right away

    With the aid of our kitchen order tickets created in the coffee shop POS system, collecting customer orders, revisions, and customizations is now simpler than before.

  • Use our top POS for cafes to manage home deliveries properly.
  • Keeping an eye on all of your clients' orders without creating a mess.
  • A POS and inventory management system integrated so you never overorder ever again.
  • Fast order processing to ensure that your front and back offices run smoothly
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    A Cafe POS Melbourne To Attract Customers.

    On the fly, modify your online menus, integrate location-specific items, and update your offers

  • Connect to the newest payment gateways and get your online orders to flow right into your POS.
  • With the help of your cafe's personalized loyalty program, you can convert new customers into brand devotees.
  • You can use coffee shop POS software to determine what products are doing well and what aren't so you can adjust your output accordingly.
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    Rapid Tablet Payment.

    With the aid of an express tablet billing app, shorten lengthy lines by adding additional billing counters.

  • Speak with your company
  • Examine your buying process
  • Mobile change selling and immediate business alerts
  • Run a successful business
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    Integration with various different providers.